Thursday, May 28, 2009

Watch My Sister's Keeper 2002 for free!

My Sister's Keeper 2002

Do you like My Sister's Keeper? It's my favorite movie.
Gregg, Clark=Harvey is very talented.
DOWNLOAD My Sister's Keeper!!!

A non-stereotyped portrayal of a person with mental illness and an at times difficult, but loving relationship with her sister. A true story. Book by the same name. It both opens minds and entertains. Great acting by Kathy Bates: an informative contrast to her role in the movie Misery.

  • Bates, Kathy=Christine Chapman
  • Perkins, Elizabeth=Judy Chapman
  • Redgrave, Lynn=Helen Margaret Chapman
  • Brown, Kimberly J.=Young Christine Chapman
  • Hirsh, Hallee=Young Judy Chapman
  • Harwell, Bobby=Father Daniel
  • Amendola, Tony=Dr. Bartonio
  • Birk, Raye=Justice of the Peace
  • Gregg, Clark=Harvey
  • Kussman, Dylan=Leon
  • Miller, Marc=Dancing Boy
  • Rivas, Geoffrey=Jay
  • St. James, David=George
  • Su�rez, Manny=Waiter
  • Sweet, Shane=Bill

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My Sister's Keeper


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